Thursday, March 19, 2009

Types of Fabrics used for Apparel

Acetate - It is used as uniforms, clothing and lingerie. It has a crisp feel with lustrous appearance of silk and excellent drapeability.

Acrylic - It is used as a substitute for wool. It is durable, soft, and has a wooly feel. It is resistant to sun and chemicals.

Broadcloth - Closely woven and wears very well but wrinkles very badly. It is used as shirts, dresses, blouses, summer wear.

Brocade - Usually made fit for eveningwear, church vestments, interior furnishings, and robes. It has rich, heavy, elaborate design effect.

Challis - It is soft, very lightweight and is washable. It is used as women's and children's dresses, kimonos, neckties and sportswear.

Chambray - It is smooth, strong, closely woven and soft. Used as children's wear, dresses, shirts and blouses, aprons and all kinds of sportswear.

Chiffon - Used as eveningwear, blouses and scarves. It is lightweight, sheer, transparent and very fine.

Cotton - It is very elastic and withstand high temperatures. It has high washability and dyes well. It is comfortable in all weather. It is used as all types of clothing.

Crepe - All types of dresses finds a fit place like from long dinner dresses to suits and coats. It has a crinkled and puckered surface with a soft mossy finish. It has rough feel and appearance.

Damask - It is very durable, made from silk in actual. It sheds dirt, launders well and holds high luster, especially in linen.

Denim - Used as pants, caps, uniforms, bedspreads, slipcovers, draperies, upholstery, sportswear. It resists snags and tears. It comes in heavy to lighter weights.

Drill - A cotton fabric used for uniforms, work cloths, and sportswear.

Faille - It has a lustrous finish. Used as dresses, blouses, and some dressy coats.

Flannel - Used as blazers, dresses, skirts, suits and coats. It is soft with a napped surface. It shrinks if not pre-shrunk. It sags with wear.

Flax - It is of linen with a high absorbent quality, allowing moisture to evaporate quickly. It is easily washable but has a poor elasticity.

Gabardine - Used as men's and women's tailored suits, coats, raincoats, uniforms, and men's shirts. It has a clear finish. It is durable and wears extremely well.

Georgette - It is crisp with an outstanding durability. It is sheer and has a dull face.

Houndstooth - Sportscoats and suits are made out of it. It is usually of wool.

Moire - It is made of silk, rayon or cotton and has a watermarked finish. It is used as eveningwear, formals, dresses and coats.

Nylon - It is used as women's hosiery, knitted or woven lingerie, socks and sweaters. It is elastic, easy to wash and is lustrous.

Organdy - It is used as summer formals, blouses and aprons. It is a tightly twisted yarn with a crisp.

Organza - Used as evening dresses. It is fine, sheer, lightweight and crisp.

Oxford - Mostly used for men's shirts. It is made of cotton and sometimes even of rayon.

Polyester - It is smooth, crisp and springy. It is readily washable and is not damaged by sunlight. It is made for all weather and is resistant to moths and mildew.

Pongee - It is made of silk, cotton, or rayon and used for dresses, blouses and summer suits. It is lightweight.

Rayon - It is a cellulose fiber based fabric and is highly absorbent. It drapes well and is resistant to moths, bleaches and chemicals.

Silk - It is very strong and absorbant. It has a brillient sheen and unique softness.


  1. thank you so much I was looking for materials to make women suits and dresses and your descriptions and names have made it easier and now i know what to look in textile stores

    What materials will you suggest I use for women clothing where I want beautiful drapery and shapes?

    And what materials will you recommend for making women suits that are not too expensive?

  2. So, organza is the fabric they use for evening dresses. Thanks for this really informative post. If there was a vote button in blog posts, I'd most probably have pressed it already. :)

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  4. Thank You so much. I am sewing a formal dress and I am a beginner sewer. I have sewn with cotton but the dress I am sewing is formal so I dont know what fabric to use? Some Help please

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I need some help on identifying a certain textile, I would very much appreciate your expert help.

    I saw a suit on Hugo Boss's online store and I am very much interested in know which kind of cotton fabric it is made of.

    Here is the link:,en_US,pd.html?cgid=001062#!i%3D21%26color%3D265_Medium-Beige

    I really hope you can help me out in this and many many thanks in advance.

    Regards, Sharbel