Monday, March 16, 2009

Needle lace - Types of lace

Needle lace is a type of lace created using a needle and thread to stitch up hundreds of small stitches to form the lace itself. This is the most flexible of the lace-making arts. The finest antique needle laces were made from a very fine thread that is not manufactured today. The most delicate and precious type of needle lace is known as "Rosepoint lace." The pattern is first designed on paper, often reinforced with a piece of tissue, on which the design is realized. The design usually represents a rose or some other flower. To start, the lacemaker elaborates the flower's outline with a thicker thread, so to add relief to the work. The next stage is to fill in the interior of the flower design with much finer thread and a variety of different stitches

Other types of lace: Whitework , Bobbin Lace , Tape lace , Crocheted lace