Monday, April 13, 2009

West Lake silk umbrella

West Lake silk umbrella

West Lake silk umbrella is one of Hangzhou's famous speciality.With bamboo umbrella stand and silk face, the West Lake silk umbrellas are light with artistic designs and easy to carry, thus reputed as "Flowers of the West Lake". Usually printed, dyed, or embroidered, the umbrellas are painted with the Ten Views of the West Lake or flowers, which are beautiful in shape, particular in material choosing, and exquisite in design.

Moreover, the story of "Sending Umbrella by the Lakeside" in The White Snake popular among the Chinese further lends a legendary color to the West Lake silk umbrellas. Nowadays, Umbrella is a symbol of romance in Hangzhou, Inspired by the beautiful and brave lady White Snack, nowadays some youngsters still use umbrellas to express their adoration.


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