Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guangxi Zhuang Brocade

Zhuang brocade has a history of 1,000 or more years.Produced by local Zhuang people, Zhuang Brocade is a splendid handicraft which originated in the period of the Tang and Song Dynasty. Woven with cotton threads and colorful silk threads, the Zhuang Brocade was the special gift offered by the local government to the royal family in the Ming Dynasty. Zhuang Brocades are favored by people for their beautiful patterns, which show a unique Zhuang style and favor, and their durable quality. Also, other characteristics like wide-ranging themes, well-knit structure, vivid designs, exquisite patterns and rich colors reflect the moral characters of bravery and industry, wisdom and sensitiveness, and honesty and frankness of Zhuang people. Typical patterns on the Zhuang Brocade include unique shapes such as卍, letters, water, squares, clouds, flowers and so on. Zhuang Brocade has many uses, such as blankets, quilt facings, aprons, bags, girdles, scarves, cloth borders and wall hangings.

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