Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Circular Loom

In a circular loom having a machine frame, a lower and an upper running race arranged in said machine frame for guiding the shuttle, the running rollers of the shuttle are fitted between guiding surfaces of the upper and lower running race. To avoid contacting between the running rollers of the shuttle and the warp threads, the running races have thread guiding grooves crossing the guiding surfaces. The thread guiding grooves, in the running direction of the shuttle, are arranged to be inclined by an acute angle relative to the radial direction laid at the middle axis of the machine.

There are mainly two series of circular loom: 4-shuttle circular loom and 6-shuttlehigh-speed small-sized circular loom, the lay-flat width ranges from 35 to 140cm,which is applicable for the making of rice bag, flour bag, fertilizer bag,fodder bag and cement bag etc. These circular looms have the advantages of high production efficiency, low noise,economical power consumption, easy operation and maintenance, and using tapesmade from recycled materials.